Apsan Observatory

What happened to my love for the sea and the beach? Hahaha After hiking my way to a temple on top of a mountain (Gatbawi), I went to another mountain which is Apsan but this time I didn’t hike, I ride the cable car straight to the top hahaha

Its only open at 10:30am and the price of the tickets (round-trip) is 10,500KRW. Theres 2 observatories up there and we went to both while waiting for Min and Ty (We can name our group “Hikers or whateva” now).

When you reach at the top of Apsan (using the cable car), there will be a restaurant. The one and only restaurant there, you wont be confused haha I would love to recommend my favourite Korean food, Kkalguksu. It was even better from the on in Daejeon (hehe). The soup tastes better.

From Apsan Observatory, we can see the whole Daegu, it was very wide and from there you can understand whenever people told you that Daegu is a state in between mountains because it really is haha Maybe that is why Daegu is a little bit hotter in Summer compared to other places in Korea.

apsan obsevatory, place to go in Daegu
apsan obsevatory, place to go in Daegu

Sopra Observatory

There is another observatory other than Apsan observatory called Sopra observatory. It was like an open art exhibition by Park Joong Kyo. Sopra observatory is on top of the restaurant that I mentioned above and surely is higher than Apsan observatory but… there is wifi at Apsan observatory so Apsan observatory, you win. (Im not really into modern architectural art so, sorry to those offended by my choice haha)

apsan obsevatory, place to go in Daegu

On our down to the bus stop, we stumbled upon an outdoor old military machines exhibit (I’m wondering why we didnt see it on our way up). Which is very random but it opens to public 🙂

If you are coming for a short trip here In Daegu, this is a must go place. Recommended!