Some people might avoid reading self-help books because they found it cringy. Well, too bad if that person is you because I think you should read this #GirlBoss. Especially when you are thinking you areContinue Reading

Bamboo forest Ulsan

Bamboo forest is near to Ulsan’s city. It’s a very calming, relaxing and beautiful park. It was not just about the bamboo itself even though it was the main attraction. We went to the parkContinue Reading

Daewangam park Ulsan

Not a hiking post or any mountain related post haha. So, out of nowhere, suddenly we decided to go to Ulsan to spend the weekend there and I didn’t regret anything because these two areContinue Reading

Kim Kwang Seok Road

The inspiration of the title would be my definitely, obviously, favourite, the best of the best K-Drama which is Oh my Venus! I watched it every semester break I have, even my family knew aboutContinue Reading

Apsan Observatory in Daegu South Korea

What happened to my love for the sea and the beach? Hahaha After hiking my way to a temple on top of a mountain (Gatbawi), I went to another mountain which is Apsan but thisContinue Reading

Gatbawi daegu south korea

Says me after that one hike to Gatbawi hahaha Gatbawi is a temple on top of a mountain!! One step in the bus, the bus driver was like “City.. no. mountain yes” considering what weContinue Reading

Fun fact, me and Jingwen almost didn’t join this trip. Super happy that we changed our mind because it was really a fun trip. We departed at 7:15am from Daegu and arrived around 9:30am inContinue Reading