Bamboo forest is near to Ulsan’s city. It’s a very calming, relaxing and beautiful park. It was not just about the bamboo itself even though it was the main attraction. We went to the park quite early in the morning, so we don’t have to carry our luggage everywhere and checked out at noon. (Use my Airbnb referral link to sign up and get up to RM131 off for your first >RM300 booking!!) In the park, you can mostly see the elderly enjoying their morning or dog owner walking their dogs.

Isnt it pretty??

The park is very well designed, the plant and the landscape. They must put a lot of effort on this. They labelled each plant and some of it looks more like an edible vegetables which they use as the park decoration haha As if we are in a farm ! Very great for tourism and the environment (woof killing 2 birds with one stone ecehh)

Bamboo forest photo zone

There is a part of the Bamboo forest where you can access to free wifi and download an app that designed specifically for the bamboo forest. If you are at the photo zone there will be animal characters showed up in your picture. Besides, there were also few other random but not so random like size and height measurements (perfect place for me to proof to my friend that im a centimeter taller than her hahaha)

The park also open at night with flashy lights but I really prefer going there in the morning. (natural lighting. You get me?)

I love this picture !!!!

It was a fun place for me, since I went there with my friends and have so many pictures. So yeah  Fun + insta-worthy = must visit place in Ulsan. Do come here if you are in Ulsan and the places in my previous post. Have fun!


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