Beauty review: Bioderma lip balm

Am I the only one who is actually obsessed with lip balm? Haha I never knew that Bioderma has lip balm till I watch Matilda’s youtube video and at that time Olive Young in Korea has storewide sale. So I grab it the day after.

About product

  • 15 ml
  • Un-fragranced

Product claim

  • For severely dry, chapped lips
  • Intensely repairs and nourishes severely damaged lips
  • Provide extreme comfort and leaves the lips soft and supple
  • Guarantees optimum tolerance

Price & where to get

Hermo for RM28.20

Personal review

I don’t have the “severely dry, chapped lips” but my lips do get dry sometimes. It does nourish the lips and I didn’t have to apply too many times. Therefore it will be great for me to wear lipstick right after. When I’m using Nivea before, my lips are getting drier (??) after using it. So, I really can tell that Bioderma lip balm does it works. Despite the price and the quantity, the product can only last for 6 months. Which is quite a waste if we can’t finish it in the duration of six months. Luckily for me, I wear a lot a lot of lip balm daily haha


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