BTS pop up store already closed when I posted this blog post. BTS, the worldwide sensation has their own merchandise pop up store with new characters (chibi version of themselves). The pop up store located in Gangnam, very well designed.

We are lucky we are the second batch to go in and only have to wait for 1 and a half hour (I know but some people have been queuing for longer than that haha) we also doesn’t need the waiting number thingy. Which makes me feel kinda lucky, despite the cold haha. You gotta do what you gotta do.

The management is great, they ensure everyone has their best experience there by letting customers in by batch. So, it was not crowded at all. When we walk through the basement door, the staff really out there greeted us like we are BTS or something BUT, its too awkward that I can only stare at my shoes hahaha


They also limit the number of purchases by person to 3 items per person. The basement is the shop, they displayed the merchandises and all you need to do is to tell them what you want at the cashier.

Personally, I think the worthiest things to buy at the pop up store is their new chibi character merchandise line. Other than that, it was not really my style. I mean if you are okay having their face on pasted on a pillow/bag/any everyday things then its your style.

First floor

The first floor is the café and where you retrieve your purchases. Which not even take that long to retrieve.

Second floor

The next floor is like an exhibition. Totally a photo zone. They have Boy With love confetti and hologram corner. It was super fun because everyone is so nice and wonderful (well we like the same thing 😉).

Third floor

Next, floor is the rooftop. Outside, you can see a bunch of giant army bombs, which intrigued me to buy one but nope haha. The rooftop also have a cozy small pink room with their cut-out and few of BTS pillows. Which also a little bit cringy to take picture at haha

Overall, I think it’s a great experience and it opened when im in Korea so it kinda a sign for me to purchase stuff there and glad that I did. I just realized the amount of picture in this post is a little bit too much but hehe enjoy.



  1. Wow! I know a certain friend of mine who will go crazy over BTS. In fact, I will ask her to read your post so that she will envy you. Haha.

  2. Wah nampak enjoy tu. Adik ipar pon minat sangat korea. Smpai kedai korea pon die masuk lama. Hehe. Ni kalau betol2 p korea lagi la camne 😜

  3. Peminat BTS suka lah kalau dapat masuk tempat ini hehehe tak keluar-kelua pun tak apa wakakaka. Tapi sayang dah tutup lak hurmm bestnya dapat pergi sana hehehe teringin kita juga..

  4. Menarik tempat mcm ni.. memang suka lah peminat kpop..

  5. Luckily you got to go there before its closed.. i am not BTS army but i love to listeir to their music dan dance.. even my kids know BTS

  6. Wow you are so lucky because u got chance to go there. That is must be a memorable moment ever!

  7. Whoahhh ! What a nice concept store. I bet many BTS fans will come and buy something to bring home

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