Busan + Beach

Busan. What a beautiful Busan. After all the hiking, finally I got to go to their beaches. Gwangali and the infamous Haeundae beach. This time around, we stayed in a guesthouse very near to the Haeundae beach. Very near for me is walking distance. I think our guesthouse has the best location because before we stayed at Busan City hall and it felt sketchy haha. (Do read my version of Busan travel guide here) The guesthouse is Uncle’s guesthouse, on top of Haeundae market and at the Haeundae street. Therefore, its easy for us to get access to food but it’s a little bit touristy place there (which means a little bit pricy).

Haeundae Beach

At that time, Haeundae had a light show on their beach. Very pretty but also very crowded. Its funny when everyone at the photo zone in batch and all of them move to different photo zone together. As if they are instructed to stick to their batch. So, its kinda impossible to not have people (or maybe the same people) to photo bomb you picture. 

Gwangali Beach

From this beach, you can see Busan’s bridge. This beach is not as crowded as Haeundae. At least when we were there. Nearby is open bar and few cafes. Very suitable for picnic or a date.

It would be recommended to go to these beaches during the morning, as if 9:00 am or in the evening. This is because, while waiting for the shops at Haeundae street to open. You can enjoy your breakfast (self-made of course haha) there or after a tiring day walking you can just hang out there till dinner or supper.

Hope everyone has the chance to enjoy these 2 beautiful beaches. It will better if you go there with loved ones (family and friends), im sure you will have a good time there.