This post would be more helpful if you are Malaysian because I am, but most things are for literally anyone so yeah. Hope it will ease your trip planning. First thing first, for Malaysian, youContinue Reading

Normally day 1 is where you settled down with the whole guesthouse, hotel or Airbnb. Talking about that, if you are new to Airbnb you can sign up using my referral link and get upContinue Reading

Busan. What a beautiful Busan. After all the hiking, finally I got to go to their beaches. Gwangali and the infamous Haeundae beach. This time around, we stayed in a guesthouse very near to theContinue Reading

BTS pop up store already closed when I posted this blog post. BTS, the worldwide sensation has their own merchandise pop up store with new characters (chibi version of themselves). The pop up store locatedContinue Reading

Yooo another Busan content but this time bout a temple named Haedong Yonggungsa haha Went there (Busan) again to spend time with a friend from Seoul and Busan is a big city, so my previousContinue Reading

Bamboo forest Ulsan

Bamboo forest is near to Ulsan’s city. It’s a very calming, relaxing and beautiful park. It was not just about the bamboo itself even though it was the main attraction. We went to the parkContinue Reading

Daewangam park Ulsan

Not a hiking post or any mountain related post haha. So, out of nowhere, suddenly we decided to go to Ulsan to spend the weekend there and I didn’t regret anything because these two areContinue Reading

Kim Kwang Seok Road

The inspiration of the title would be my definitely, obviously, favourite, the best of the best K-Drama which is Oh my Venus! I watched it every semester break I have, even my family knew aboutContinue Reading