So grateful that International Youth Foundation (they are a Christian NGO, can know more about them and their international volunteering through this link) organized the Thanksgiving Festival (Chuseok festival) for foreigners in Korea. Chuseok (Full moon) or Thanksgiving festival is where family will gather and enjoy spending time together, doing various activities and eat various food while wearing their traditional cloth.

chuseok with IYF

That’s the whole concept of this festival held by IYF. The idea of gathering foreigners to celebrate Chuseok with family (which is IYF, they are considering themselves as our family). In the festival, we are exposed to various activities, Korean traditional games and Korean food (Well me and Jingwen stuck at the food booths for quite sometimes). There is a lot of performances as well but let me tell you about food first hahaha

The food booth

We ate the Ttukbokki (rice cake), Korean pancake and Chapssal-tteok (Korean mochi). Theres also coffee and cotton candy, but I don’t want to share with you guys about it, so none of you know how they taste like. 😛

ttukbokki during chuseok

The ttukbokki prepared at the festival is waaayyyy better than the one that we bought at the street. The spicy-ness and the sweetness of the sauce are well balanced. Plus, the rice cake is not too chewy, so I enjoy it a lot.

Next is, Korean Pancake the queen. The only thing with vegie that I love. Trust me without the vegie, the pancake will taste gross hahaha. Moreover, the pancake is neither thick nor fluffy but It is not too thin and the amount of vegie is just enough to be with the flour. Must try if you are in Korea!!

chap sal tteok

Last for the food booth would be Chapssal-tteok. Its like the Japanese mochi, texture and taste wise. They have peanut fillings and black sugar fillings. The sweetness of the fillings balanced well with the plain chewy rice cake.

Other activities

hair pin making

Other than food booth, they are also activities booth. I went to the hairpin making booth and mask/paper hand fan drawing booth. The best part is, whatever you make here, you can bring it back as souvenirs. There were also traditional games stations but its quite hot to be under the sun. So we just stay under the shade and enjoy being creative.. I guess hahaha.

The whole event duration is estimated to be 3 hours. So the first hour is for us to enjoy the booths and the next 2 hours are for us to be in the hall for the closing ceremony. Hence, there is no much time to go to every booths hehe.

seems like Seohyun likes my fan 🙂

Finally, the closing ceremony, they held a singing competition and lucky draw event. A Malaysian student from University of Malaya won the singing competition (hoho claiming!). Other than all that, there is about 300+ participants of the event and they have 200+ lucky draw gifts, so of course your girl got one hihu (Really sorry to those who didn’t)

kids performing during chuseok festial with iyf
one of the performance

Overall it was a great experience to have here in Korea. Hope I can enjoy Chuseok again the next upcoming year.


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