Daejeon (fun) day trip

Fun fact, me and Jingwen almost didn’t join this trip. Super happy that we changed our mind because it was really a fun trip. We departed at 7:15am from Daegu and arrived around 9:30am in Daejeon. Since our train is 7:15am, we went out from dorm at 6:30am(!!!!!) Im kinda a morning person but not this morning but yeahh I MADE IT MOM hahaha

Sunrise 🙂

Our first destination is a Dunsan Park but before that, we bought breads at the famous Sum Sim Dang Bakery. I would love to recommend the bread with the fish eggs (When you only eat it without knowing its name :P). The Dunsan Prehistoric site is so simple, yet it is well preserved and maintain. We just visit this park briefly because its there on our way to Hanbat Arboretum. 

Dunsan Prehistoric site

Before Hanbat Arboretum, you will see a wide space for people to cycle or roller skate. Im a little bit surprised because there were a lot of people even though its only 2pm and note that the weather at the time is as hot as Malaysia.

Daejeon symbol

Hanbat Arboretum

Then only we are at the beautiful Hanbat Arboretum…. After we took thousands of pictures at the rose garden hahaha The flowers are still blooming. In fairy tale, there will be fairy in charge for different flower and I think fairies here are quite busy enjoying the summer but not complaining either.

Uam historical park

Next destination is Uam historical park. It’s a little bit remote in Daejeon but its one of the oldest place in Daejeon. Very pretty compound and I feel like Im in a historical K-Drama. So where is the prince at?

Me and Min have the opportunity (I guess hahaha) to pray here. Out in public but we did ask for permission but a tip (a very important tip), do go around the compound first, so you can pray at a place that not that open and probably no other people.. just incase.. to avoid misconception. Plus, you will be more comfortable 😊 Another fun fact, the place where we prayed at is where they used to hold their party hahaha

Yuseong Hot Spring

The last stop in Daejeon is Yuseong Hot Spring. Its where you dip your leg in, while waiting for the your turn at the HIGHLIGHT of my trip in Daejeon restaurant. Note that the hot spring is a natural hotspring despite its location hahaha (its in the middle of shoplots area). The food ergh I wish I am a good writer that could express to you guys how good the food is through my words but unfortunately im not.

Okay we ordered clam kkalguksu and Chukumi (smol octopus). I don’t really eat spicy food but the Chukumi is aweeeesommmeeee!!!! When you eat it with rice and wrap it with seaweed. Masterpiece! Its just not plain spicy but spicy with flavours (get it?). Long story short its spicy but very delicious (see im bad at describing the food’s taste haha). Then the clam kkalguksu is my instant favorite food in Korea. I keep on searching for clam kkalguksu here in Daegu because what I have in Daejeon is so good. It was not salty at all and delicious till I think I shoved my whole face into the bowl. Jingwen told me that the clam kkalguksu taste somewhat similar with a Chinese cuisine, Pan Mee so maybe when im back in Malaysia I could try Pan Mee without pork of course, to compare it with the kkalguksu. 

Trip in Daejeon comes to an end as we have to catch our train. It was an awesome day-trip. Really fun and I feel really bless to spend my time with this kind of people (yes, my cemerlang squad is included). If Ida, Mira, YeongTak or any of my cemerlang squad is reading this. Thank you and to more trips ahead.

p/s: do check my Busan trip at and 🙂