Entry #1: Chaotic 2020, MCO, Ramadhan

A quarter in 2020 and don’t get me even started with what a chaos 2020 is hahaha So im writing this in Ramadhan and still in Movement Control Order. Which doesn’t affect me much because im home with my family. If im in dorm, ill probably crying and begging to go home.

Goals recap

Back to 2020, Ive wrote a post bout my goals in 2020 and this post is kind of me checking on my own goals. ((Who else would do that right?))

My first goal is to blog consistently every week BUT im not surprisingly fail myself last month. Thank you Alicia for making me blog again. 😊 Im trying I really am. Plus, I have few more Korea content that haven’t out.

Second goal is to be good with money hmmm still failing at this part but I didn’t buy anything during MCO period. So, does that count as progress?

Third goal is to get physically strong. Okay this part over here. I would love to brag that ive been working out quite diligently since last 2 months and currently in Ramadhan so I started out with a set a day instead of 3 sets of my workout routine. Unless I have a six hour online class on that day then Im not going to hurt myself hehe

Finally, the fourth goal, “I would love to minimize Instagram’s screen time”. Can you believe that it has been a week I temporarily disabled my Instagram and I feel so much better without it. I probably using my personal account again as I keep in touch with some of my friends only through Instagram (Sounds like an excuse but not all of them have my number hahaha) but I promise myself to kind of set myself a limit hmmm we will see soon.. the “limit”

Movement Control Order

Im grateful for my condition during MCO as everything is enough. So, I don’t really face hardship during MCO. For those who are facing obstacles during this moment, I would never know how hard it is for you and I will always be praying for MCO to be lifted off but MCO is for everyone’s’ safety. Hang in there. You will get through this.

During this MCO, my university decided to carry on with the semester and all classes conducted online ((Dont use zoom. Its dangerous (talking from traumatic experience).. )) Which I kind of not use to it (I think quite a number of students are not use to it haha) and requires a great deal of discipline, especially, the morning class. Luckily my lecturers are all very tolerate to record the class and due to no final examination, we are given A LOT of group assignments.


I remember calling my mom to buy me flight tickets on 1st Ramadhan because it was on my midsemester break. Turns out that Im spending my whole Ramadhan at home. I never spend a whole Ramadhan at home since 2011. So Im grateful for this year. Due to MCO, we don’t have bazaar and probably the Eid Fitr celebration will be not as festive as years before. Maybe the MCO will be continued till Eid. We will never know.

Nevertheless, Salam Ramadhan and we will get through this (MCO).