Entry #2; Eid and #BLM

Eid Fitr this year are soooooo different due to the fact that we are in CMCO but to think about it, it does come with pros. Everyone is home. Okay in Malaysia everyone is celebrating Raya, Raya is even a public holiday but for the majority non-muslim country, the Muslim that celebrating Raya have to live their ordinary life despite Raya or maybe they are celebrating it during dinner after work/school. This year I think all of them can Raya together with their family from Fajr till next Fajr haha But of course everyone is different.

I’m very grateful as my parents can provide more than enough for me during this MCO and to the state as the state government been giving financial aid to everyone during this tough time. Some of people that I know can’t even proceed with online learning due to connection problem but government to the rescue as they are now providing free phone and data for B40 family.   

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Enough of this endless CMCO, currently there’s a lot of peaceful riot for George Floyd in America but this time it’s a revolution. Maybe we will see a better America and a better future for the Black. It was so wrong to think one race is superior than other and why can’t everyone just see anyone as a human being. #BlackLivesMatter

In Malaysia it is peaceful but there is still an after effect of extreme segregation from before. We are seeing a great unity trajectory despite it was only 50+ years away. So maybe in the next 50 years, we can a evolve and united Malaysia. Lastly, hope everything is going well for everyone.