Another beautiful tourist attraction in Busan is Gamcheon Culture Village. Its an actual village with actual villager in them haha. It’s a very pretty place, you can stop just anywhere and get them Instagram feed. Gamcheon culture village also the perfect spot to test your stamina because they will provide you with route and the longer the route, the more you will see. We took the furthest and it was estimated of 2 hours journey total.

Meet Ty everyoneeeeeeee

As soon as we arrived (note that the shuttle bus to go to the entrance from the bus stop is quite scary … at least for me … cause it’s going uphill haha), we went to the Information Centre and bought the map for 2000krw. There will be stations to stamp the map and at certain station they will give you postcard for free.

Of me and Jingwen
This is a house. A legit people lives in it haha very pretty!!

In Gamcheon Culture Village, there will be a lot of pretty shops, but the price is a little bit pricier since it’s a tourist stop. They also have few other attractions scattered around the village such as art display and historical houses. There were also attractions that have people line up for it, like Little Prince statue or Harry Potter’s book stair.

Peace house (one of the historical house)

Super grateful to have the opportunity to experience this and hope you too could enjoy a piece of Gamcheon Culture Village through my post. You can check out 2 other tourist spots in Busan here.


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  1. Wow thanks for sharing, I never new this place had attractions like this. Sounds like a cool experience.

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