Says me after that one hike to Gatbawi hahaha Gatbawi is a temple on top of a mountain!! One step in the bus, the bus driver was like “City.. no. mountain yes” considering what we wore that day, it is a reasonable statement to say. On that day I was wearing jeans and sneakers. I dont have sporty outfit haha

It’s the last stop of the 401 bus from Daegu international airport which will directly stop at Palgongsan Mountain Provincial Park. Near the bus stop, there were shops and café. So, no worries if you need heavy food to start your hike but you don’t want to bring from home. There were a lot of courses (trails) to go to Gatbawi but we took the main one which is 2.3km (we are not here to play peeps haha)

We are halfway up. Imagine being the young one but struggle more than them haha

Along the trail that we took, there were few other temples. Very pretty and calm. Also, this one family decided to approach us (very lovely family indeed) and we hike up together with them.


The view is amazing!
no picture can do justice to this place

As we arrived at Gatbawi (beat the hard and steep course. Yas!), it is so surreal. The view is amazing. There is also a souvenir shop up there and FREE WIFI! I repeat FREE WIFI on top of a mountain!  

On our way down to the bus stop, we enjoy the calm, dreamy path again. I felt like im in another world where small fairies will fly here and there or something like in Narnia. We also stop at the fish cake stall. I don’t know either Im super hungry and tired or the fish cake there is crazy good hahaha The broth are yummy. It does not smell like a fish market. Not too fishy I mean (hehe) By the way, the way down are much easier but also scary especially at the steep and slippery trail.

Look at the size… 🙂

So, if you decided to come to Gatbawi be safe on your journey. The experience is great but going there once is enough hahaha


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  1. The looks amazing. I much prefer to walk places than to travel in a vehicle. Nothing better than fresh air!

  2. It looks like you had such a fun trip! The pictures are beautiful!

    1. Author

      I did ! Thank you 💓

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