This beautiful park is almost an hour away from my place (Kyungpook National University east gate) and we took bus number 503 and stop at Guryu Park (Junction 4). Despite we are already half way through in September, it is currently still summer here, so the park is still satisfyingly green. We departed at 8:10am and arrived at 9:00am.

The funny and the not so smart part is 3/4 of us slept late the night before. So, the torture to wake up early are real haha but theres no much people till 10:30am so it’s quite quiet in the morning and an hour of park just to ourselves. Very calming, boost a little energy back to us, plus, the fresh air that we are getting.

guryu park entrance in Daegu, South Korea
The park entrance

So when we arrived at the bus stop, we are clueless on where the park is and decided to ask an uncle. the conversation goes like this;

us: uncle where is Guryu park

uncle: This whole place is Guryu Park

Which is true!! Even the map says so. Then ourbrain.exe stop functioning. It was like asking where Jalan Tar is when you are in Jalan Tar but he still try his best to help us. He told us to go straight and turn right but we turned left hehe Luckily we did cause we found the park entrance immediately.

The Guryu Park is near the infamous Daegu 83 tower and e-world amusement park. There is a restaurant inside the park but outside of the park got a lot of shop lots, so not very remote despite its large compound. We went to the nearest 7-eleven (as tourist as it is) to reload our T-money because most of us are running out of it haha (our dorm’s convenience store is closed since we are too early!!) Very nice place to go for a picnic or hang out or bring your dogs out to play haha

If you ask me, is it worth it to visit if you have less than 3 days trip, my answer would be no. Depending on the season, I guess. Since now is summer the scenery is just the same with the one in Malaysia but surely will come here again during other seasons.

Guryu Park in Daegu South Korea

A piece of advice would be sleep early if you want to wake up early the next day haha wear comfy outfit and bring foods or dog if you have one. Don’t forget to reload your T-money card if you are planning to use public transportation. and and at the bus stop go straight and turn left. 😊 


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