I always told my friend that I feel like im in KDrama or KMovie when im in Seoul but not when im in Daegu hahaha If you asked me, where is the best place to stay, I would love to recommend to stay in Hongdae or somewhere in Mapo but most Malaysians will stay in MyeongDeong. The first few days we are staying in Mapo. Then another few days in MyeongDeong and the last few days in Hongdae. So I do think I have a right to suggest area to stay haha. I chose Hongdae because thats where I feel the Korea vibe the most.

Talking about MyeongDeong, it is a tourist spot so most of the stuffs are overpriced. Especially the food but other stuffs such as cosmetics, skincare or Korean brand clothing (ex SPAO) is in their normal prices. If you want street food, I recommend you go to the local market, the one that we went to is MangWon market in Mapo and various options of food provided there. They even have a famous Kkalguksu restaurant and the portion is super big.

Other than that, MyeongDeong or Hongdae also mostly the spot to gather for travel packages. MyeongDeong is our gather spot for going to Vivaldi.

Near to MyeongDeong, is Namsan tower and MyeongDeong is also walking distance (if I think it’s a walking distance then it is a walking distance haha) to the Lotte Free Duty Star Avenue. Where you can see some idols handprints.

Other Kpop fans spot would be SMTown in Gangnam (this is a place with SM Café and where idols practice huhu maybe you got the chance to meet one) or SMTown near COEX mall. Another spot in Gangnam is Gangnam K-Star Road, where there is GangnamDol. COEX mall is also famous for their iconic Starfield library.

Another iconic place in Seoul would be Hangang river park. I said so because I really be feeling the KDrama vibe from here haha You also can get the Kdrama vibe by going to a GyongBukGung Palace. The entry fee is only 3000KRW and if you are wearing Korean traditional clothes, the entry fee is free. The Korean traditional clothes would be avail at the rental places very near to the Palace.

There are few other palaces near GyongBukGung Palace that you can visit. Bukchon Hanok Village is also very near to the palaces. This village is a tourist spot as the village is a well preserved traditional Korean village.


Ehwa Woman University (Filming location for Goblin; Ji Eun Tak’s igh school)

Common Ground

If you are planning to go to Korea, dont forget to check my travel planning guide out! Bye!