Oh my Daegu!

The inspiration of the title would be my definitely, obviously, favourite, the best of the best K-Drama which is Oh my Venus! I watched it every semester break I have, even my family knew about it! There is a scene from that K-Drama that was filmed here in Kim Kwang Seok street.

Image result for oh my venus kim kwang seok street

It’s a street dedicated to an artist name Kim Kwang Seok and the whole street filled with arts for him or inspired by him. Beautiful and colorful streets. There are also a lot of (cute & aesthetic) cafes and restaurants nearby. This is surely an Instagram worthy place to visit in Daegu.

I have walked the same street as Daegu Venus (Shin Min Ah), Mom I made it! Everything here is so pleasing to the eyes haha Other than cafes and restaurant, there is also souvenirs shop, which is also aesthetic but like any other tourist attraction, everything is a little bit pricier. Plus, dont forget to eat the guitar shaped ice cream!

So, if you decide to come to Daegu for a day trip or weekend trip, other than Apsan observatory (I wrote about it, check it out!), Kim Kwang Seok street also should be in your list. It’s a very touristy place and its very close to Daegu downtown/shopping street. A few minutes bus ride away! or you can walk (of course but for me to consider walking… anything that suits you!)

A recommended tourist place here in Daegu😊