It’s a program by K-Focus called little forest, where we go to a rural area (Ui-seong gun, South Korea) and spend our weekend there. At first there are only 2 vacancies for the program. So, me waiting at the Global Plaza’s lobby decided to drag any of my friends that going out from the elevator first haha. The lucky friend is Yasmin!! Long story short, they are another 2 vacancies few days after and all 4 of us can join the activities.

Ui-Seong gun only an hour and 15 minutes away from Daegu. As soon as we arrived, we changed our outfit and start painting mural for the home stay we are staying at. Then we ate dinner. Very well fed. I still remember that dinner haha We ate a hot fish soup in that cold weather. The last activity is of course welcome party. Where we have some quizzes session, Karaoke and BBQ (they prepare us fishes to eat, no worries)!! Or SOJU!!! If you like to drink. That night is freezing cold (-2-degree celcius). I never experience such coldness. It makes me scared of the upcoming winter. Now im grateful that Malaysia is summer 365 days a year haha

Second day

After eating breakfast, we went for a walk around the farm, which is quite memorable cause I took a lot of pictures haha.

We went farming (not really, since im so confident with my farming skill, I settled down with removing all the weeds)

After all the blood, sweat and tears (pffft), we went to Ui-seong’s downtown for lunch, ON A LORRY!

The lunch at that time Is good too. Reminds me of Malaysia’s dishes, nasi goreng cina haha Maybe that is why I enjoyed it. Right after, we went to a sauna turned to art gallery. 

In the evening we finished the mural drawing and play kite. We are told that the kite is our hope or desire, the higher it went the more likely it is to happen. Guess what, I’m successful on the first try and it flies high up in the sky the whole evening. My wish is to marry Mark Lee from NCT haha Lets wait and see if its true.

We went to grocery shopping right after and prepare our dinner and end our night with watching movie entitled “Little Forest”. It was the second time in that week that we watched the movie haha but why not right. On the last day, we just enjoy our breakfast and pack our stuff back to Daegu 😊 It was a great trip because I never thought I will ever go to Korea’s rural area. If you have the chance to join such program in future, no matter where you are, do join. It will be fun!



  1. Oh my, you’re so lucky! I really like this kind of trip – exploring places out of the beaten path and find new local friends! This place looks so calming and look at all the friendly faces! How to join the k-focus?!

    1. Author

      Thank you! Im an exchange student here in Daegu and thats how I can join K-Focus.

    1. Author

      Currently early winter. At that time it was still early fall/ end of summer. Im an exchange student there and nope, my Korean language is pretty basic haha

  2. OMG cantiknya gambar pemandangan disini. Korea ni dah masuk dalam senarai destinasi Yaya lepas balik dari Osaka. Hee teringin nak kesana. Thanks for sharing

  3. Rural area mereka kawasan petani gitu eh. Nampak menarik juga. Tersusun ladang mereka. Kalau ke Korea mesti nak pi tempat daun gugur, musim sejuk dan musim bunga. Elok juga pi ladang camni. Landscape cantik. Hehehe

  4. Have been to Korea but not to this place. It is sure a good spot for adventurous lovers.

  5. Nampak macam ada matahari but still sejuk ek. Couldnt imagini with 2-degree celcius in there. Sis ni tak tahan sejuk. Masih menunggu rezeki nak ke Korea. Pergi ke area pedalaman pun seronok juga kan kenali kehidupan kg korea. Hehe

  6. Saya dah beberapa kali ke Korea, tapi belum pernah sampai tempat nih, nampak best untuk diexplore! next time boleh plan pergi sini pula

  7. bestnya Korea mmg tak pernah mengcewakan. tak pernah sampai daerah ni lagi. insyAllah akan dtg

  8. Wow.. Bestnya.. See other People country, meet up n gather with New People.. Really love it n its amazing

  9. it such a wonderful and calm place to be visited. Boleh menikmati percutian dengan permandangan macam ni, ni yg bersemangat nak tempat air asia untuk next year.

  10. Bestnya dapat buat aktiviti macam ni kat Korea. Sis masa pergi sana dulu banyak jalan, cuci mata n shopping je. Hishh rindu pulak nak ke sna lagi

  11. Seronoknya berjalan jalan di tempat orang. Banyak tempat menarik boleh dilawati dan singgah. Hopefully dapat juga datang ke sini one day

  12. cantiknya tempatnya tu. insyaAllah tahun depan saya pi korea, cuma tak pasti dapat pegi tak rural area camni

  13. bestnya ! bila boleh jejak korea ni. bagus jugak program masuk rural area ni. asyik tengok keindahan pembangunan korea je. hehe. sesekali nak jugak tgk perkampungan mereka macam mana.

  14. Korea is the must go country in my list!! This info is so useful thank you 😊

  15. I was suppose to go in April but now it looks like I have to cancel the trip.. I’m so sad

    1. Author

      that is indeed so sad but your health is priority 🙂

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