This post would be more helpful if you are Malaysian because I am, but most things are for literally anyone so yeah. Hope it will ease your trip planning.

First thing first, for Malaysian, you don’t have to apply for visa if you are only planning to stay for less than 90 days. If you want to have a vacation, I think 4-5 days are enough. So here is my airbnb referral link to enjoy RM130 off for your first booking with AirBnB.

Cash and card.

Cash is necessary for us to top up T-money (transportation card) since they don’t accept card and also for us to enjoy street food haha #priority

Which card to use? I would love to recommend you the best of the best, Big Pay. It’s a card by Air Asia so if you have Big account you can sync them together. For every RM10 you will get 1 big point.

You can withdraw money using this card too. The card will charge you RM10 and the global atm will charge you another RM10. Another great thing is, you can purchase bus tickets in Korea using this card (we have tried using CIMB, it doesn’t work) and online shopping.

This card comes with an app that will show you your receipt and statistics of your spending.

If you lost it, you can immediately freeze the card. Seriously, this card is the best haha No extra charge when you use it at the store. So, here is my code MJAWZZYF46 for you to apply during Big Pay registration and you will get RM10!

Apps needed for planning

Image result for kakao map
Image result for naver map

Naver map and Kakao map. These apps are important for you to plan your itinerary for the day. It will show you the ETA for different options and if you chose the public transport option, they will give you choices of route and transportation (train, bus, taxi) including how many changes (Bus 1 to Bus 2 / Line 2 to Line 5) needed with their ETA. Using the ETA features you can group few spots that you are going to go, to save time because some places could be an hour away. So, plan well and plan ahead.

Image result for korea subway map app

Subway app. In this app, there will be the whole subway line map. The intersection, the stop and every lines are colored differently. This app will help you determine the line and the time of the last/first train. If you are in Seoul, this app could be very helpful too. In addition to Naver map and Kakao map.

Image result for kakao taxi

Kakao taxi, this app is very similar to grab or uber but it syncs to your kakao id (So local sim card is unnecessary). This app is very easy to use for those who don’t fancy public transportation. Yes, you can always stop them (taxis) by the road (just like in the drama) but with this app you can see the approximate price of your journey. This is kinda a great way to avoid getting scammed.


I don’t know if your AirBnb or hotel provide this but if you are from Malaysia, you will need a universal adapter because their plug/socket is different from us.

Shopping bag is also a great stuff to pack to Korea, if your plan is to go shop till you drop.

If you are going during winter, buy your scarf and gloves (Check if you can use your phone or not with it. Haha The gloves that can, will be very useful) in Malaysia, it will be cheaper that way. Except for heat pack. You can get at any Daiso branch in Korea.

Extra planning tip

Always check the operating hours of places you want to go. Along with the weather. 😊

So hope you will enjoy your trip to South Korea and I also hope that I did help you in planning your trip somehow haha.



  1. Good tips and idea.. Sis dah 2 kali ke Korea, but semua di handle oleh kawan Sis. Tiba masa Sis follow aje hehehe

  2. Yes Big Payis useful when going overseas. Have one too and is very helpful if u run out of cash as you can cash out from your card provides u have money inside tho u will be charge a little.

  3. wow..bagusla. kalau g korea kena amik tahu jugak bab kad ni. kalau tgk citer korea diorg bnyk gunakan kad dari gunakan cash. sbb lebih selamat mungkin

  4. I have just received my BigPay card and will certainly gonna put it into good use soon.

  5. Wow!!!!!! Thank you for sharing this information. I will download some of this apps if I travel to Korea again.

  6. nice sharing. i also used big pay card for daily expenses and travel. it really easy and we can collect points too.

  7. Kad bigpay memang jadi pilihan sy travel oversea ni. Senang exchange rate ikut real time. Memang best

  8. not enough for me if staying for 4-5 days when in vacation. need more than 2 weeks. i’m not travel to korea yet. but have a dream to be there.

  9. Berguna ada guideline mcm ni.. siapa nak bercuti ke korea bolehlah follow… senang keja

  10. Sis terlepas trip ke Korea dgn geng next week. Ada aje halangan. Takpelah rancang masa akan dtg. Boleh sis kongsikan info ni pada mereka.

    1. Author

      Oh my. Hope the next one will go smoothly for you <3

  11. Article yang sangat membantu! Tiap perjalanan memerlukan perancangan yang rapi.

  12. Kalau nak travel jauh khususnya memang nak kena ada planning yang baik supaya kita tidak menghadapi masalah semasa travel. dengan plan yang baik juga kita dapat jimatkan masa tenaga dan duit.

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