Seasons in Korea:)

Its great to experience 3 seasons in Korea but would love to experience the most hype season in Korea which is Spring. Hope one day, I’ll get the chance to experience the other seasons.

The summer in Daegufrica (that’s how they called it haha) is seriously hot, as hot as Malaysia but I love fall. Not too cold like winter and surely not as hot as summer.

Seasons in Daegu; Fall and early Winter

I think fall season is quite short but still so beautiful. The temperature would range from 10 degree celcius to 16 degree celcius. Fall in Daegu is a little bit hotter than the fall in northern city like Seoul. At first, I do wear outerwear but after a week in, I think just a little bit thick clothes will do haha. Don’t ever forget to check the weather because it rains a lot during this whole transition from summer to fall and during fall generally.

During early winter here, you probably need scarfs and gloves because it’s quite windy.

Winter in Seoul

I get to spend few more days in Seoul and experience winter there. Only get to experience my first snow fall on 21st December. Then during this time, you will really need gloves and heat pack because the temperature would range below 8 degree celcius.

One of the experience I cant have in Malaysia is outdoor ice skating ring.

Ski Resort in Seoul; Vivaldi Park

We chose Vivaldi Park because it’s the cheapest on the list haha (We went broke in Korea) but its quite fun for us.  Got few rides provided, all of them are fun!!! But it will more preferable to book together with snowboarding or ski package. Despite the long wait to get to the top for both packages.

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