I spent 3 days 2 nights in Busan, but I think I already have enough hiking dose for the whole year haha Most touristy place in Busan require us to hike and walk for at least 1km. In the end of the day it was all will be worth it because of the view, especially in Busan SkyWalk Oryukdeo and Taejongdae observatory (or just Taejongdae in general).

Busan public transport is very easy to use. Personally, I prefer to take the bus since we are always from the last stop, so the bus is quite empty. Do use Naver map in Korea since they will show you all the available routes. For going to SkyWalk we took the fastest route and the slowest to head back to our AirBnB (Sign up using my referral link to enjoy up to RM130 off your first stay at AirBnb), which is using a bus with 26+ stops haha. So, we are in the bus for about an hour (quite long but unlike in Malaysia the bus here equipped with wifi).

Busan Skywalk has the most surreal view.

Oryukdo Skywalk, Busan.

I mean….

Me and Jingwen didn’t manage to walk on the main point of the place (the SkyWalk; transparent floor at the end of the cliff which can be seen in the next picture) but we are content with the view itself. Super surreal!!

There is also a kinda a hiking trail haha

 Then you can have a better view (I guess hihu)

Taejongdae, Busan.

For Taejongdae Observatory, we are using train line 1 and stop in To Seong and from there we took bus number 8 which will have Taejongdae as the last stop. Taejongdae is a very tourist friendly place (it is a touristy place, but it is super tourist friendly). They have mini train to bring you to every stop along Taejongdae. Not much, just 4 stops in total but the total distance is more than 1.5km. 

To reach the observatory require a lot of walking. It was all fun at first because we are going downstairs but when we are done at the observatory.. the journey up is hellish hahaha

I was super tired in Taejongdae because we went to Gamcheon Culture Village (probably my next blog spot) in the morning (excusesssss) I recommend to really plan your trip by having balance between activities that you plan to do that day. So you wont be all grumpy at the beautiful places due to tiredness haha

Do add these 2 beautiful tourist spots to your Busan itinerary. Totally recommended and another tourist spot is covered here!



  1. I’ve never heard of Busan but it looks beautiful! I love travel blogs. They always fill me with wanderlust

  2. Busan looks so pretty! Thanks for the tips. Would love to visit them one day 🙂

  3. I love that I got to “visit” this phenomenal place through your eyes. Before your posts I’d never heard of Busan. Those cliffs and the views are breath taking.

    1. Masya Allah, such amazing place.. Never been to Busan but will refer for the service that u recommend. Tq for ur info..

  4. Oh that looks beautiful-But those stairs……..Whew! I completely agree, You need to space out adventures. Too much makes me grumpy too and then everyone would rather be at home. Thanks for sharing

  5. Ohhh…so lovely! We just returned from a trip to Seoul & Jeju…I am currently blogging about it as well! I wish we had time to visit Busan…definitely will check it out next time!

    If you love travel inspo, please check out my blog as well: https:/www.simplyangella.com/ ❤️

    1. Author

      Wow would love some inspo on both Seoul and Jeju. Thank yoh Angella! 💕

  6. The skywalk view so beautiful! But the stairs…. Haha. Cannot imagine Busan is this beautiful actually. Love all your pictures too. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Subhanallah. saya sendiri tak pernah lagi sampai disini. doakan saya supaya sampai satu hari nanti. teringin sangt.

  8. Tak pernah ke busan lagi. Thank you share tentang Busan. Bolehla jadi oanduan nanti kalau ke busan

  9. What a lovely place! Hope i can get there some good day later. Enjoy your trip!

  10. Cantik betul pemandangan .. tak jemu mata memandang. Agaknya bila dah jejak kaki ke sana sure berat nak balik kan ? Ada rezeki akan ku jejakkan kaki di Busan ..

  11. Bestnya dapat jalan2 tengok tempat orang. Pengalaman yang cukup berharga. Apatah lagi ianya pemandangan yang cukup indah

  12. My friends said the same thing about exploring Busan – enough walking for a year. Hahaha. But the view is so worth it right? I hope I get to visit there soon.

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