Hashtag Terima Kasih

The title is in Malaysian language which means Thank you. If you watch despicable me or minions franchise movie you will know hahaha

I read a book entitled “The gratitude diaries” by Janice Kaplan.

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probably bought it during big bad wolf

Its about being thankful and all, a cliche topic but I love the way she wrote it. The flow of the book is realistic. She brings us on a journey to be a more thankful person through out the year. She will practice different method or approach for about a month or two. This shows that changing your mentality cant happened overnight.

The first approach she did is the gratitude diary or journal. Everyday she will write things she grateful for. I tried doing so and trust me, I realized there are so much things that I took for granted. For an example, my eyesight.

This one weekend I went to a blind people association and I never been so dumb haha I always nag about too many assignments that I am tired and dont want to study anymore but they came to the association to learn more despite their lacking. They actually have more reasons to stop studying but they dont and here I am nagging about the class too far and all. I just have no idea how privileged I am to be able to study in my condition.

The best weekend of my INFJ side so far

Next is saying thank you. I grow up in an environment where it is cringe-y to say thank you and we just dont do that here hahaha So i tried this method and imagine the shock face they have after I said that but, I know they do appreciate it because they said nothing about it and they started to say it to.

For me I rarely say thank you to someone that I pay for their service. I think its a win win thing. I give you money and you give me what I want but thanks to this whole thank you thing that I realized its actually their choices to make a deal with us. Imagine us moving to a new house and a lorry owner kindly accepted our offer to help us move the furniture. Note that in my place there is no moving company. So grateful for his willingness to help us that day.

Not complaining is the next method she implemented in the book. She would try to see the good things in everything and slowly stop complaining. In the book her situation is winter. Well, Im living in Malaysia and its always summer here. Summer 24/7 365. So from her winter situation, Im grateful to live here in Malaysia. Its beach day everyday here.

Another beach picture wont hurt right? haha

Im grateful im stumbled upon this book as she also mentioned about trading material with experience. Which totally change my mind. I used to save money to buy that one material stuff that i have been eye-ing for about only few days hahaha but then what she said in the book is true. When you on your bed dying, you will remember the experiences you have. You wont say stuff like “remember the bag I bought. What a good investment.”, it surely be “Remember when we in Sabah/Penang /Korea/Hawaii and we do stuffs and you did that and I did this”.. I mean.. So that is why Im saving more so I can travel more and spend more time with my loved ones. Thanks to this mindset whenever I want to buy something unnecessary I will just give myself some times and think about that one vacation that I plan.

That was all I want to cover but there are more points that she shared in the book. She covered almost every aspect of her life so Im sharing the one that I can relate to. Plus I dont want it to be lengthy hehe Super thankful to whoever reading this post <3