I would love to make a paragraph or maybe a sentence of details on where to wear Hanbok in Daegu and put a lot of pictures in it, but I feel bad for myself. So here is some unrelated intro, currently in early December and its cold now. Average of 5-degree Celsius! My Malaysian self, layered my clothes a lot haha Most trees that used to be in autumn color now left only with their leaves-less branches but I went here when it was still the beginning of fall.

Otgol village Hanbok Daegu

Okay if you only here for the info, it would be Otgol Village. Probably the last stop (by bus). We went there early in the morning but when we arrived, the whole village is under renovation. The village consists of small community. So, everyone literally knows each other. Which proven when we ask an uncle, where can we try the Hanbok and he started to call an aunty and from there everyone knows that we are there haha

Otgol village Hanbok Daegu
Otgol village Hanbok Daegu

This place has a lot of pretty Hanbok, very well made and looks very expensive. We rent the Hanbok for an hour for 15,000KRW. We are allowed to “trespass” any house compound, as I say before it’s a village with small community and they stayed there. If you feel uncomfortable to sit on their balcony or go to the garden at their house compound, there are a lot of empty compound (I think it’s purposely emptied for visitor).

Otgol village Hanbok Daegu
Otgol village Hanbok Daegu

I would recommend you who are going to try a Hanbok to wear a lighter or soft color Hanbok, they found it more flattering. When we were gathering to the lady’s house, I don’t know if it’s just us or any visitors, but they will serve you light snack.

Otgol village Hanbok Daegu
Otgol village Hanbok Daegu
Otgol village Hanbok Daegu

Then, after all the pictures, we ate at I think the one and only restaurant there, which funny enough, this one uncle decided to pay for our lunch. Bless him <3 Before I forgot, the cast of running man used to film here for one of their many episodes. If you are interested about more place you can read my post on Kim Kwang Seok road or Apsan Observatory.


Quick update woof

p/s: Its almost time for me to go back to my home. Back to the people that I love. As much as I love Korea and the people here, I miss home. From spending almost 4 months here I soon realized my small ambition to have a nomad lifestyle, didn’t suit me at all. The sense of stability satisfied me better than the feeling of freedom leaving home. I love travelling but maybe 3 days per month, not the whole 3 and half month haha


  1. Pretty hanbok. Cun laa pakai hanbok ni kan . Namoak comel jer ala kembang kembang lagu tu. Tak pernah lagi pakai gini. Nnt klau travel.sana kena try ni hehehe

  2. Wow 4 bulan duduk di Korea. Kita yang tengok ni rasa seronok, tapi tuan badan lebih mengetahui nya. Hihi. Nanti sampai sana boleh la ke Daegu. Jarang lihat orang share area ni (atau saya yang tak pernah nampak orang share. Hihi)

  3. macam a must kan bila visit korea untuk pakai ni. ramai gak yang mek tengok orang ke korea, pakai ni. lawa.

  4. Masa ke Korea pakai Hanbook kat tempat buat Kimchi je. Takde pun bawa jalan2 kat luar. Rugi pulak rasanya. Cantik permandangan kat Korea.

  5. nampak cantik you pakai hanbok..pink color look sweet and suit you!thanks for sharing

  6. Sejuknya suhu kat sana. Kalau saya suhu 16 pun dah gigil, ini kan 5 huhu. Cantik hanbook tu Jasmeen. Sesuai sangat dengan awak.

  7. ala… comelnya pakai hanbok!… korea dalam list nak melawat jugak ni jika ada rezeki nanti. hehe.. dah terimagine pula kita berhanbok haha

  8. Cantikkkkkk awak pakai hanbok.. Muka pun dah Korea dah… Manis sangat.. Teringin ya nak pi ke korea😜

  9. Sis masa kat korea pun dok sewa pakai baju gini. Cuma sis pakai masa masuk museum tak silap. Bergambo sakan le sis gan kengkawan..hehehe

  10. Wahhh. Dh mcm orang korea dgn outfit tu. Cantikk. Lelaki punya set mcm mana la rupanya

  11. bestnya dapat cuba hanbok korea ni…. bukan senang nak mencuba pakaian tradisional korea ni kan,,,,

  12. Sebenarnya nak beli tiket korea on Feb tapi ada masalah pula. Tak taula dpt pegi ke tak. Memang teringin sgt pakai Hanbok tu secara lengkap. ermmm. Jeles la.

  13. Ke korea, wajib berHanbok ni kan.
    Cantik 🙂
    Aida lom pernah ke korea lg.
    Teringin. One day.

  14. It looked so nice. A small village with tradition. I have never travelled to Korea but somehow their tradition is interesting.

  15. Cntiknya sis pakai baju tu..kembang bawah gitu..menarik tempat ni..teringin nak pergi..mampu tengok orang punya gambr dulu je

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